About Us

About Us

Firm History and Background

Since its establishment in 1987, Alliance International Law Offices has been among the fastest growing law firms in Taiwan. We are a full service firm with expertise in several areas, as listed in page 3 of this brochure. Mr. Jen Kong Loh, the founding partner of the firm, served as the Minister of Finance, as well as the Managing Director of the Central Bank of China from 1984 to 1985 while participating actively as a Member of the Council for Economic Planning and Development. Mr. Loh's previous senior governmental positions also include Commissioner of the National Tax Administration of Taipei, Director - General of Customs, President of the Central Trust of China, and Vice Minister of Finance.

Mr. Loh's various extensive experiences not only secure a solid foundation for the firm but also give it a distinct edge by providing a strong federal - provincial fiscal relationship. Mr. Loh brings the firm to its apex by adopting and developing new capabilities.

Firm Philosophy

Providing the best in service to clients has always been our guiding principle. At Alliance International Law Offices, we believe in providing undivided, uncompromised service to each and every one of our clients. Our size enables us to offer our clients a specialized legal service tailored especially for them. No client is ever taken for granted. We are committed to the highest standard of professional excellence.

Because of rapid changes that the ROC has experienced recently, and also in anticipation of:

  • (a) further liberalization of our financial markets,
  • (b) further internationalization of the ROC economy and the concomitant cross border investments opportunities, and
  • (c) the increasing importance of good and effective communication between private and government sectors;
our firm has decided to focus on these three areas of concern, and provide professional services addressing to issues involved.


At Alliance International Law Offices, we would like to get actively involved at an early stage to minimize legal problems. Each case is personally supervised by a specific partner or partners. Our unique blend of size and expertise permits us to deal with complex and diverse issues while providing personal service not found in larger firm(s). We sensitively relate to our clients' professional and business needs, as well as their personal legal concerns. We believe that prompt attention and direct communication are the keys to a successful relationship. At Alliance International Law Offices, our clients are provided with the most comprehensive and highest quality of service in a timely and cost effective manner.